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BizCloud® is an integrated agency, focused on driving revenue for each and every customer it serves. BizCloud services cover Sales, Marketing, Operations and Engineering, all customized to meet the needs of each individual business. BizCloud’s extensive Partner and Alliances Network allows it to develop a streamlined, healthier bottom-line for clients by providing best-in-class products and services at a significant cost savings, while BizCloud’s own media outlet, BizCloud Network, provides distribution channels for client news and information to thousands of loyal subscribers.
By keeping these functions under one roof, BizCloud increases efficiency, improves creativity and creates a powerful, streamlined service offering with quality control overseen from start to finish.

Bizcloud is based in San Francisco, California, with offices in Europe and Asia.

About Author



Mr. Razavi Iranian-American author has traveled extensively to Iran and the Balkans. He is an expert in the subject of Iran and US politics. As CEO of BizCloud company, Mr. Razavi develops the organization strategy and manages the company’s sales, engineering Marketing and day to day operations.He brings to the position more than thirteen years of sales, operations and customer service experience in the software and customer service industry.

Most recently he was the Director of Channels and Alliances at FAST Search and Transfer. Microsoft acquired FAST for 1.2 Billion Dollars in December of 2007.

Prior to FAST he was the VP of North American Sales and Marketing for Neocase Software.

As Founder and visionary responsible for the company’s sales and corporate development of venture-backed SomethingNow Inc., Mr. Razavi raised over $25 million in financing from corporate and private investors, and formed a strategic partnership with CNET that resulted in SomethingNow software integration with CNET data services.

Before founding SomethingNow Inc. Mr. Razavi served at Exodus Communications, where he was responsible for signing the key clients that contributed to the company’s successful IPO. Other companies where he has held various senior sales and management positions include: Qwest Communications, Bay Networks and Reliant.

Mr.Razavi also authored collaborative customer service methodologies and marketing techniques for the extended warranty industry.

About BizCloud Network

Bizcloud Network is the media news arm of BizCloud.  With a strong focus on delivering original articles and syndicating top industry news and reviews of Web, Mobile, Digital and Cloud Computing products and services, offers insights into the rapidly-developing world of technology and its connection to modern business. Bizcloud Network’s team of expert writers creates highly relevant content that resonates with its intended target audience of business and IT professionals and decision makers.