Second Generation Cloud Infrastructure

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Legacy approach to cloud infrastructure no longer works for today’s dynamic, always-on businesses that move in a blazingly fast pace. High-demand applications and massive data growth are creating capacity and performance demands that simply outpace the capabilities of first generation clouds. Fast, agile, proactive companies require a new kind of computing infrastructure – they require Cloud Computing 2.0!
At Biz Cloud, we’ve partnered with a leading Cloud innovator OrionVmto Make – a high-performing, reliable and flexible cloud infrastructure – readily available to organizations. Our cloud IaaS, built on industry leading technology, surpasses the limitations of first-generation cloud offerings both in terms of performance and affordability, while bringing immediate value to your business.

Customize your Cloud Server

Unlike legacy providers that offer over-priced preset packages that typically lead to wasted resources, BizCloud gives you the ability to create a virtual data center that suits your computing needs and your budget. You can create and customize your cloud server to meet your unique workload requirements by selecting the RAM, storage and operating system and then deploy it with the click of the mouse. You can later instantly increase or decrease these resources as your needs change.
Now you can adapt and grow your IT footprint at the speed of business!

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Control your Cloud Costs

Current cloud pricing models are difficult to understand which is why we made sure to have transparent, simple pricing for our Cloud. Our pricing model doesn’t require any deciphering – it is based on your ACTUAL Cloud server usage (hourly, pay-as-you-go pricing) with no hidden charges. Head over to our Cloud Pricing Calculator tool for cost estimates.

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Your Path to Cloud Success

Software defined infrastructure, standard redundancies and supercomputer technology are providing remarkable advantages for your computing needs. Superior price/performance ratio, scalability and high level of security of BizCloud cloud infrastructure are aligned to accommodate dynamic requirements of the next-generation enterprise IT.


Fully redundant, self-healing distributed architecture, low latency networking, and a single tier scale-out design eliminate the hardware inefficiencies and bottlenecks inherent to the architecture of first-generation clouds. Our Infiniband-based cloud architecture enables us to offer our customers high performance cloud at a significantly lower price compared to Cloud 1.0 vendors.

No pre-defined instance sizes here. Customize your cloud server by choosing any combination of storage, CPU and memory. Select from a wide range of operating systems and install in minutes. We use Xen hypervisor to run Linux and Windows Server virtual machine instances. Regardless of the workload type or configuration, we have the tools and software to get your services up and running.

Deploy Cloud servers in minutes with an easy to use Cloud Admin Panel. From this panel, you can create, administer and remove instances and their associated resources.

Scale instantly with zero downtime and no prohibitive pricing. Easily add and remove cloud servers to match your business needs.

Our holistic approach tackles security across all layers of our platform stack. From segregated customer accounts, networks and instances to strict access control systems, our IaaS is engineered to surpass security hurdles inherent to first-generation cloud platforms.

Our servers are hosted in Equinix data centers in multiple regions providing global reach and allowing you to deploy applications geographically close to your users. To find out more about download a free copy of the “Cloud 2.0” whitepaper.

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Cloud 2.0 provides many distinct advantages over first generation clouds

Examples of these benefits include:
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