Our partnering philosophy is based on a guiding principle:

Successful partnerships require common goals to ensure mutual success. We won’t succeed unless our partners succeed.

Partners provide the ability to develop and deliver total solutions and our partner program plays a major role in our success. The quality of our partnerships is far more important than the quantity. We embark on fewer, more meaningful relationships, and will only pursue a partnership if there’s a mutually beneficial, lasting opportunity.

We’ve built a sophisticated channel organization to support our partners as they embed BizCloud Computing technology within their own offerings, distribute, or integrate BizCloud products & solutions. The BizCloud Rainmaker Partner Program is made up of Global, Enterprise & Regional Alliance partners each one a key part of the enterprise solution ecosystem.

BizCloud “Rainmaker Partner Program” gives you unparalleled opportunities to grow your business by offering your customers powerful cloud based services. Becoming a BizCloud Alliance Partner allows both your company and BizCloud to leverage each other’s sales efforts and makes you an integral part of BizCloud sales strategy.

As a market leader in providing high-availability cloud enabled business solutions, BizCloud works with you to integrate its services into your solution. By partnering with us, you can offer a full suite of turnkey SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, marketing & technology products and services, including high-quality Private Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud and Public cloud offering in addition to systems and network managed services and high-performance scalable Cloud Infrastructure that will satisfy even your most demanding customers. Your organization can focus on its core competencies, confident that the cloud component of your product or service is backed by the highest degree of professionalism and services available.

BizCloud Partners are as diverse as the organization that we serve. BizCloud establishes relationships with Partners in the following categories:

Technology ISV Partners

These organizations bring out the latest cloud Software as a Service, Big Data, and Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service to the market place. They range from large telecommunication providers with global distributed facilities to a five man start up working on the next software analytic solution to be delivered as a SaaS application. BizCloud Technology ISV Partner provide the next cutting edge software tools that make business flourish.

Staffing and Recruiting Partners

They fulfill the needs of this fast growing sector of the technology industry. They provide the talent and the resources that organizations need in order to thrive. They serve a vital role in BizCloud ecosystem of recruitment, talent management and long term grooming of internal resources.

Media Partners

The BizCloud media partners serve an important role in connecting the community of cloud computing industry veterans, enthusiast and educators to the business community.

System Integrator’s-VAR’s

They bring together the resources and technology needed for successful implementation and deployment of Cloud Computing technology. Without them software would be only use as a tool, but with them it is used as a business insight and automation to minimize the time that IT resources will be required.

Out of the box partners

These are the companies that might not be a perfect fit per above descriptions but are doing something really cool in the technology space. From crowd sourcing to social justice these organization make a difference by pushing the models of human and technology interactions through the cloud. They represent what is cool in the technology culture. They help bridge gap, bring insight and value to our daily cloud interactions.

You too are welcome to join our partner community or talk to one of our partner community managers. Take a few minutes to tell us a little about your organization and you see us working together.

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