Marketing Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of IT and Digital Marketing solutions designed to help businesses advance their strategic goals and accomplish key initiatives quickly and cost effectively. Our ultimate goal is to help organizations achieve high performance in the digital age where game-changing technology trends – cloud, mobile, social, and big data – are shaping the future of business. Our growth acceleration solutions are designed specifically to help companies succeed in today’s fast-paced, always connected business environment, to stay ahead of the game and overcome the competitive pressures.

MarketSense Automation™

MarketSense Automation is a cutting-edge marketing and sales enablement software designed to accelerate revenue generation, shorten sales cycles and increase your marketing ROI.  MarketSense Automations enables a perfect alignment between your sales and marketing processes. It allows you to tap into a range of powerful tools to improve the consistency of your branding, drive up the quality of your online leads, improve multi-channel customer engagement, automate the complex campaign management process, and much more.

MarketSense Insight™

MarketSense Insight is a cloud-based, real-time Web analytics platform that provides a complete view into customer and prospect interactions with your company enabling you to make timely, accurate and well-informed business decisions that boost online marketing performance and increase sales opportunities. MarketSense Insight combines efficient campaign tracking and advanced customer analytics to power your business with the insights you need to achieve marketing excellence.

Market Velocity™

MarketVelocity blends several marketing techniques into one unique solution to amplify your company brand, accelerate product awareness, and improve your marketing ROI. MarketVelocity strengthens the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and helps you reach your target customers thorough high-grade delivery of relevant, multichannel digital content. The unique advantage of MarketVelocity is the opportunity to position your company as a technology leader through arranged speaker slots for your company’s executives at high-level technology conferences.

Event Continuum Packages

BizCloud’s Event Continuum Packages are designed to maximize engagement and attendance levels at your events and keep the momentum growing post-event through a unique blend of highly-effective event marketing tools and tactics. Event Continuum Packages also empower exhibitors and speakers to actively promote their company’s participation at events and increase awareness for their products or services.